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City Heart Music Video

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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO CITY HEARTCITY HEART reveals the heart of Stockholm City Sweden as well as the heart of Anette Tarstad on her night walk through the streets of Södermalm Stockholm. (2014)...

Summer concert in Kungsträdgården Stockholm, Sweden 2013

Official Music Video
I'm Not Ready For Love
INRFL is about feeling a love that is not supposed to be felt at all.

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ANETTE TARSTAD - I'm Not Ready For Love
Official music video for I'm Not Ready For Love with Anette TarstadAnette Tarstad and her band 4Flavour: Per Karlsson (base), Lotta Braathen (drums), Tania Grosjean (guitarr) and Anette Tarstad (v...
When I wrote it I saw these two friends in front of me laughing and enjoying each others company as friends but under the surface it was more than that. A love that could not be told, not yet.

I hope you enjoy the song.

Official Music video 

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Maybe - Anette Tarstad
The music video Maybe was filmed in Stockholm and was released 26th of March 2012. "I think it was you just two steps behind. Not only love can make you blind" ...

The single "Maybe" was released on the 26th of March 2012 together with the Music Video filmed in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. 

It is about how tough it can be at times in a relationship when you are questioning maybe? 

In the webshop you can purchase your own physical CD or digital. 

Recording Sessions in the Studio 

 Lotta Braathen on drums and Tania Grosjean on guitar.

The two singles "Maybe" and I'm Not Ready For Love" were recorded and released in 2012 together with the music videos.


The music video "Maybe" was filmed in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm

The snow in combination with a summer dress made me turn a bit frozen, but life is not always warm and fuzzy, though full of good ideas.

"In the snow we could hide our farewell" is a line in the song "Maybe" concerning the hardship of saying goodbye. 

Both the song and the video will be released soon.


Musical Weekend with Pat Flavours in southern Sweden
At the beginning of February it was time for a reunion of the original members of Pat Flavour, Anette Tarstad and Peter Alkeryd, as we met for a recording weekend at a country house in Halland.  

New material was being tried out in different shapes and we discovered new musical grounds as the song "Warped dreams" came to us.

Who knows what will come out of this nightly work?

A taste of the past 
In June 2011 Anette and her band held a concert in Diselverkstaden in Stockholm and here is a short recording made by a man in the audience. 

The song "Maybe wrong was right" was on my prior record with Pat Flavour, but we now tried a new version of the song. 

We also got company at the end of the song, as a lunatic got up and danced. Fantastic with people that can let loose!

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Anette Tarstad på Dieselverkstaden juni 2011. Under låten Maybe Wrong Was Right kommer en dåre in och börjar dansa. Anette Tarstad at Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm, June 2011. The song Maybe Wrong Wa...
Anette now mixes the recorded songs. Focus lies on the first single "Maybe". 

Recording sessions in the studio 
The days in the studio were great. Sex songs were recorded and are now on Anettes table to mix.  

Anette on base

Per Karlsson on guitarr

Lotta Braathen on drums


In August 2011 we entered the big stage in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. A fantastic stage and lovely audience.

Copenhagen Songwriter Festival
Anette participated at the Copenhagen Songwriter Festival in two different constellations in August 2011.
One with Jessica Rydén and Hanna Hanski
And the other together with Per Karlsson

In June 2011 we also had a concert at Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm. 

Thank you to my lovely band: Per Karlsson (base, guitar, harmonica), Lotta Braathen (drums), Jessica Rydén (choir), Henrik Gouali (guitarr) and Martin Aliaga (lunatic)

Foto: Per Stuge                                 
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